2021 Note Setup

evolving the way I capture my ideas, with the goal of simplifying it further.

main editor

  • VS Code: for the terminal so I can use hugo archetypes to quickly create new files, + to handle version control.
  • Obsidian: where I’m trying to do most of my writing the lack of a good mobile writing experience resulted in me using this less & less, to the point where I don’t even use it on the computers anymore. What I loved about obsidian, is I got to capture my notes in markdown, so transfering to another app/platform, like this hugo site, is made easy.

This site

  • powered by static site generator, hugo.
  • all the notes are written in markdown. A decent bunch of them were brought in from mu obsidian notes.
    • fun fact, the first iteration of this site was done using obsidian publish, which is also a great platform when in the right context.

mobile & quick capture

  • Apple notes: allows for natively captured & shared notes on phone & laptop. little bit of vendor lock in, but that’s okay for the quick capture stuff.
    • this is also where I keep journal & personal notes.
    • this is also where the first draft notes for this site exist. when I’m ready to expand on a note, I quickly create a markdown file using hugo archetypes, and copy paste. This process also ensures I look at a note twice before first publish. allows me to catch some silly mistakes sometimes, haha.
  • Obsidian mobile


  • iCloud
  • Git (ultimately for publishing guidefari.com)
  • Obsidian Sync (so I can have the website’s md files on mobile too)