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Writing down lessons and observations along the way.

Guide writing software in a bar


"Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year."

Digital Garden

This site is part of my note taking system. That said, assume everything is a work in progress.

Today I learnt

Fun fact: I first came across this style on Reddit. Also useful as a daily log prompt. I'm not religious about these.


Topic specific resources. Basically documents with grouped links to stuff

Book Notes

I really ought to share more of these. Some thoughts on reading. Last thing, Derek Sivers' FAQ on his book notes explains how I also like to think of my book notes.

Podcast Notes

I listen to quite a lot of podcasts, I sometimes take notes. I sometimes publish those notes here

Curated Music

Though most all music related content is now going to, this site still has a rich repository of curated sounds.